Welcome to Buildmyskitrip.com, where we believe that one ski glove doesn’t fit all. Here at Buildmyskitrip.com, Skiing is more than just our job, it is our passion. A passion which we strive to pass on to all of our customers and deliver on every one of our ski trips. We live and breathe skiing, which is why we’re not just here to sell ski trips. We’re here to deliver your ultimate winter experience..

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Our ski trip packages are designed to keep things simple and get you skiing with ease


Want something specific and tailor made? Just tell us what and we can handle the rest


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Our Ethos

We believe that a ski holiday should be based entirely around you and your requirements and not those set by the ski company. This is why you’ll find that every one of our trips, whether a ski package or entirely bespoke holiday, can be adjusted to suit you. All you need to do is ask. Nothing is rigid, nothing is set in stone. Just let us know what you want and we will work with you to deliver your perfect trip.

Keeping it Simple

We like simple. We also reckon you do too. Why wouldn’t you? Simple isn’t hard. Simple isn’t time consuming. Simple isn’t stressful. Simple is….well… simple. However, organising a holiday tends not to be simple, which contradicts the whole point of a holiday don’t you think? But that’s why we’re here. To offer a (yes you’ve guessed it) Simple Ski Trip Building Service. All you need to do is tell us what you want and we’ll handle the rest. What could be more simple?

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